You too as a miniature figure?

For 3D picture frames, dioramas, model making or as a gift.
We shrink and paint you lovingly by hand.

All sizes and prices
you can find it in the configurator

Now shrink

One photo is enough...

You will be shrunk as shown in your photo. Cell phone photo is enough 🤳 Background doesn’t matter.

one from the back and one from the side can also be uploaded.

You can upload your photo in the configurator. Also works with your cell phone...


Your character...

You will be modeled in 3D based on your photo. Similar to sound, only digitally with the mouse. Then we print you finely in resin (liquid resin)...

You will then be properly washed, dried and cured. Finally, we will lovingly paint you by hand based on the photo template ✔️ 🎨


You next to your dream car?

If you want to see yourself next to your car, find your baby in the right scale and we'll make you a figure...

Here are cool boxes on Amazon*


Currently popular sizes and prices

Choose scale, upload photo, done ✅
(current delivery time approx. 8 weeks)

➤ 1:64 from €59.90
approx. 3 cm figure

➤ 1:43 from €69.90
approx. 4 cm figure (current bestseller)

➤ 1:32 from €79.90
approx. 5-6 cm figure

to the configurator

Stay within the framework...

Upload your group or family photo now and later place the figures in an object frame...

For families, clubs, teams, bands... we make you all MINI...


Doppelfigur 1:32

Der Blumenstrauß ist "add on small" - Klick mal in den Konfigurator. Dann auf Figur und danach auf "add ons" :)

Hier haben wir Thamara Barth mit Herzblatt in 1:32 geschrumpft...


Shrinking as a crew, club, team or workforce?

Beautiful, unusual outfits always cut a good figure! Here is an example of a helicopter rescue crew shrinkage on a scale of 1:87 for H0 model railways or diorama (approx. 2 cm figure size)


What are “add ons”?

Accessories that are in your photo and should be shrunk :)

add on small
= e.g. microphone, cell phone, bottle, glass of Prosecco, brush, camera, etc

add on medium = e.g. trumpet, backpack, skateboard, Hilti, punching bag, school bag, cat, tennis racket, etc.

add on large
= e.g. sports bow, surfboard, deck chair, guitar, golf bag, dog etc

Here Bodo with "add on large" - the golf bag. In MINI (1:87 H0 = 2cm)

to the configurator

You with your dog?

To do this, simply select "Single Figure" in the figure configurator and click through the "add ons" (accessories) ... it's very easy and self-explanatory... 👍🏼


For 3D frames

Put yourself and your loved ones in a 3D picture frame or “object frame”.

Various here
Object frames at*


The classic

The double figure

We shrink you as a single figure, double figure, group, band, bowling club, football team, staff, and and and :)


sitting, standing or...

We shrink you sitting, standing, lying down, dancing with a lifting figure or climbing on the wall... always as shown in your photo...

Mini diorama on a round wooden plate.
Build your own diorama.


For model railways?

Imagine yourself in MINI in your model railway layout, in the diorama or in your 3D picture frame.

This double figure with umbrella is tiny... H0 1:87 (about 2 cm figure size)


NEW: For groups

shrink from just one photo...

This group of 4 is 1:64 scale (approx. 3 cm figure size) We modeled, printed and hand painted this family from this one photo...

You in MINI too?


Shrinking for what?

As a gift or for model building model railways, model cars, dioramas, 3D picture frames, desks, wedding cakes, miniature photography and, and, and :)

This example is a 1:43 double figure (approx. 4 cm figure size)

to the configurator

Diorama in the frame

Here Jürgen has made a beautiful diorama in a 3D frame to match his double figure. He is now standing with his wife and his 1:43 scale red Beetle convertible at the entrance to Roßfeldhöhenstrasse and enjoying the view of Berchtesgaden and the Watzmann region.

"We've had a picnic on the bench next to us..."


You with your bike?

To do this, simply select “Bike with driver” in the configurator and upload your photo with you and your bike.

These sporty men now also cycle in a scale of 1:43 = approx. 4 cm figure size


Your character

Whether it's a single figure, a double figure or a group... with a bouquet of flowers, a guitar or a motorcycle... We'll shrink you to a MINI and send it to you by post... 📦


The most important questions and answers to unfold

Why shrink anyway?

Now, imagine being able to place yourself as a tiny figure on your model train or diorama. You could hang on the wall in a 3D frame or be used as a board game piece. The possibilities are endless!

And if that's not enough, you could even use yourself as a wedding cake topper.


Do you also shrink objects? (add-ons)

These are our “add ons” *
During the ordering process, please select the approximate size of your add ons (accessories) that are in the photo with you and should be shrunk.

Choose Small, Medium or Large in the ordering process - then you will see examples :)

Will my character be completely photorealistic?

No. We model based on a photo. You will recognize yourself very well, but there is always some art involved, especially on the smaller scales. Your figure will look best later with an unusual position and “add ons”.

Of course the whole thing won't look photorealistic, but that's not the point. The figure is hand-painted and designed with great attention to detail.

How tall will my figure be in each scale?

During the ordering process you enter your height in cm. This determines the exact size.

An example:
180 cm height in 1:87

180 : 87 = 2.07 cm figure size

Is one photo enough or should I upload more?

A meaningful photo from the front is absolutely sufficient. For more details, you are welcome to upload 3-4 photos per figure. Then please mark the photo for the position (the way we should shrink) or write information in the comments field... done.

To what extent are you still shrinking?

1:220 // 1:160 // 1:120 // 1:87 // 1:64 // 1:43 // 1:32 // 1:22.5 // 1:18 // 1:12

see main navigation above
All scales in between are available upon request. Simply contact us if your scale is not listed.

Where can I see more figures and add on examples?

Here at the top of the navigation you will find the link to the gallery .

What is the current delivery time from uploading my photo?

Due to high demand, we currently need approx. 8 weeks from the time of order for the shrinking process. We will then send your figure by post.

Now shrink to about 4 cm in 1:43? Click on your desired figure...

...then just upload a photo and off you go

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