You on your horse?

We also miniaturize you on or next to your horse.

In scale 1:87 // 1:64 // 1:43

In the main menu at the top of the configurator, simply click on "Show all" at the desired scale... Then you will see everything else...

This example of a rider with a horse is in H0 1:87

You in work clothes?

Unusual outfits such as surgical scrubs are very beautiful and recognizable. Also in a racing suit, cycling or running dress, with a hat, stick or umbrella :)

1:87 figure in the Mercedes

Here you should look closely at how much space there is in the model. We had to stretch our legs a bit here.... ;)

Scale 1:43

If you want to see yourself next to your car, find a suitable car in your scale and we'll make the figure for it...

Here are some cool boxes on Amazon... *

Outfits & add ons

Distinctive outfits and accessories (add ons) make the figure interesting later.

Here is an example add on large - a travel suitcase.

Simply choose add on large if your accessories are approximately the size of a travel suitcase...

This stewardess has shrunk to a scale of 1:87 H0.

Ralf in 1:87 (H0)

Here is an example with a hat and camera. Both are examples of an “add on small”

1:160 vs 1:32

The large figure is 1:32 scale
The other? Had to look closely :) The 1:160 figure (approx. 1 cm figure size) stands in front of his right foot...

You on your motorcycle?

This example: Peter with a motorcycle in a scale of 1:87 H0

Simply click on “Show all” in the configurator...

Stefan and his gang :)

Here we have shrunk a group of 8 people including wheelchairs.

In model railway scale H0 1:87

For model cars...

Stand next to your model car in Mini. Here as an example in 1:87 H0 scale.

In the Schuco Edition 1:87 store on * you will find many car models in H0 scale 1:87

Scale 1:87 vs. 1:64

Comparison figure 1:87 (approx. 2 cm) and 1:64 (approx. 3 cm)

Example car on the left is a Mercedes in 1:87 scale (H0) and on the right is a Porsche in 1:64 scale

Melon Man 1:87 H0

in the miniature world under the pool table :) at PMR

More on this? Pool Model Railroad


An add on is accessories that are in the photo with you and are shrunk with you. You can select an add on small, medium or large for single figures in the configurator...

small = fits in handbag
medium = hand luggage size
large = suitcase size.

This is a 1:87 scale single figure with add on large, a sports bow

Christine in 1:32

We shrink you as you can see in the photo... Here with add on large - a stone block

For model railway H0

A special model size is 1:87 H0 - this scale is used by most model railroaders...

Here is a beautiful scenery
H. Hofmann Modellbau - Berlin.

Shrinkme Videos


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