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Now click on your desired figure. You can then upload your photo. You can also upload from your cell phone. You probably already have a lot of beautiful shrink photos on your smartphone. Let's go...

Scale 1:87 = approx. 2 cm figure size

Dieser Maßstab 1:87 ist MINI und nur für Modellbahner H0 empfohlen ⚠️

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Scale 1:64 = approx. 3 cm figure size

Die meisten Machbox - Autos sind in diesem Maßstab. Du neben deinem Modellauto?

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Scale 1:43 = approx. 4 cm figure size

Aktueller Bestseller Maßstab bei :)

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Scale 1:32 = approx. 5-6 cm figure size

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other sizes/scales... can find the “Figure Configurator” in the main navigation at the top left.

The size information on the clickable maps above is for guidance only. In the next step you can enter the original body sizes in cm. From this we then calculate the exact figure size in the respective scale.